This was our first Christmas letter sent in 1967.- See the scanned copy below this one!
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Greetings of the season,

     Since my correspondence time has dwindled considerably over the past few years, I hope you will forgive me if I join the increasing crowd of form letter writers to give you the news of our family.

     This past year has been a good one for us. We are still in our home, since the impending highway has not yet materialized. The children are all growing rapidly, too rapidly for me to keep up with them. We had another addition to the family this summer, Paul Joseph. Also, in addition to our dog, Kim, a cat, Sheba, joined us this summer, just before she gave birth to three kittens, one of whom we still have. She is Tammy, we think! Our summertime was enhanced by a short trip with the entire family, including one-month-old Paul to the state capital of Springfield. And just before Thanksgiving Ray and I spent one glorious weekend together in New York City where we saw the Broadway play, I Do, I Do, saw the shows at the Copacabana and the Latin Quarter and one on the bowery, shopped at Macy's and Gimble's and took a tour of the city. Oh yes, and we did the typical tourist bit of climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty. I am still regretting that.

     Ray is working for IBM and is still training for sales, but he will become a full-fledged computer salesman after the first of the year. Evenings he works for his Masters Degree at Roosevelt University. Anytime that he has left over I can usually think of something for him to do.

     Lloyd was eight years old last October. He is in the third grade. The image of his father, he is animated, talkative and curious. He is a Cub Scout this year, and so is busy working for the various achievements. He is also interested in carpentry and chemistry. He made his First Holy Communion on Thanksgiving Day.

     Mark will be seven years old in February and is now in the first grade where is an outstanding student due to his preschool reading ability. Our blonde genius is always busy making things or reading up on more experiments to try. His current difficulty in life is a nagging mother who insists that he be more neat.

     Pamela, smiling Pam, is five and is in kindergarten. She loves it. She is a happy child, but her feelings are hurt easily. We all love her enthusiasm but watch out for a little stubborn streak.

     Four-year-old Gail is something else. Tears and smiles come so rapidly in succession it is difficult to keep track of them. She loves to be loved and sits upon any lap available. Big girls (ten years old and up) are her idols. She is still a Mommy's girl and is my constant companion throughout the day.

     Beverly is two years old and cute as a bug. She talks constantly and says the darndest things for a two-year-old. Fighting for her rights is her speciality. She is no timid soul. If she's quiet, you know she is up to something. Coloring is her latest pastime, but I must be sure to keep her supplied with plenty of paper, because when she runs out, the table and chairs get decorated and then on to bigger things.

     Paul will be five months old on Christmas day. He is a doll. The best baby we have ever had. Just one quiet word to him, and he's full of smiles. When the children giggle, he follows with a laugh. He's no pipsqueak either, well over fifteen pounds by now.

     As for me, perhaps you can guess how I spend my time. I do get out once in a while. No school for me while Ray is at Roosevelt, but I did manage to squeeze in a millinery course last spring which I enjoyed immensely. Still working on a writing course, but progress is unbelievably slow. I must speed it up though, as my time is running out.

     Hope you have a happy, holy, holiday season.

                                                                                                  The Tennison Family

Christmas 1967

This is a scanned copy of the 1967 Christmas Letter - the very first one!