Tennison 2010 Christmas News


Forty-second Edition


ole1.gifWe send greetings to you from our home in Arizona with warmth and love in holiday season. The holidays were celebrated with friends and neighbors at our annual Christmas Open House on December 18th. We tried a new tact this year, and instead of giving two parties - one for Trilogy folk and one for Square Dancers - we had one grand bash. It was a little tight at times squeezing 53 people into our little home, but with the addition of last year’s sun room, it was accomplished nicely. It was fun to see people interacting instead of just visiting with friends they see frequently. The computer people met square dancers who were likewise computer people. The genealogists enlightened some about our hobby, and in passing I learned our square dance caller is an avid genealogist.


After the party we got ready for the arrival of family members. Mark and Pam flew in for Christmas, and Bev and family dropped by after skiing at Mammoth in California. Once again our little home was full (especially the bathroom), but it was a nice “full.” Ray’s sister, Janet, and her family were going to join us for Christmas Day, but illness prevented that from happening, so we had our own Merry Christmas. The day after Christmas we were joined by Ray’s brother, Rich, and some of his family members. The days were warm and sunny while our refugees from rainy California were here. The day they left it turned cold and rainy here; we were grateful for the delay. 

A few days after Christmas last year our daughter, Pam, was diagnosed with breast cancer, so much of our year was spent with her as she fought this terrible disease. Her brothers and sisters in California did the same. We pray daily for a full recovery for her.

We continued intermittently with square dancing and other activities and are now returning to a full schedule.


ornament_13.jpgWe did manage to squeeze in a trip to New York City in the spring where we took in as many shows as we could. Got tosee Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury in A Little Night Music. I’m not a great Sondheim fan, but the players made this an enjoyable event. Lincoln Center’s South Pacific didn’t have Mary Martin, but we enjoyed it anyway. Billy Elliot was outstanding, and we lucked out with getting the performer who seemed to be rated the best of the four boys playing the part. Then we took a flyer on a new show, choreographed by Twyla Tharp to the music of Sinatra. Fifteen dancers were on stage dancing to Ol’ Blue Eyes singing the entire time. No dialog, just terrific dancing. Then after purchasing tickets to Million Dollar Quartet, I got sick and Ray enjoyed that alone. C’est la vie!

Since we already had our motor home in California, it was a short trip up the coast in September to join our friends at Coos Bay, Oregon for our annual get-together. The fisher people were in great form and caught 135 crabs that week. Our Christmas Eve dinner was a great crab salad from that bounty. We had a grand time, as always, enjoying the companionship of good friends, and playing cards–mustn’t forget the cards!

LloydOur Offspring 


Lloyd’s computer business keeps him as busy as always, but his flexibility with working hours helped us through many things this year. He is on the board at his condominium complex as usual and meets with his dog-walking friends daily, which gets him away from his computer–and that’s a good thing.




Mark managed to fit skydiving into his busy schedule at the San Francisco Omni. He visited us three times in Arizona, and over Christmas he didn’t even skydive. He also attended a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery at the end of April. It was a ceremony to lay to rest some WWII B-24 crew members whose plane was shot down during the war. A friend belonged to the Bent Prop Project which works to recover the remains of planes such as this one. He said it was a very interesting experience.


Pam barely missed a day of work throughout her entire treatment program. She scheduled treatments just before the weekends so she would have that time to recuperate. Her determination was fierce. She was game enough to get her mother, sisters and niece to do a Komen walk in June. At the end of September we walked in San Francisco at the big Komen event there with eight family members and three additional friends.


gail-sm-a.jpgGail’s hectic schedule includes frequent travels to the valley and occasional travel to farther spots for who-knows-what. She arranges seminars, gives presentations and manages to continue her active social life.

Monica finished her credential program at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, and, miracle of miracles, in this economy got a job for the fall. Our granddaughter, who still looks sixteen, is teaching social studies to high school students. The school is in a rather dicey district, but she seems to be managing quite nicely. Her social life has been at a standstill since she started her credential studies. She seems to be pouring all her energies into her work. 



Bev, Rick, kids

Bev and Rick are on a merry-go-round all the time. If Rick isn’t in Singapore, Korea or India, he’s at home on the golf course or coaching at a soccer game. With the kids in two (actually three) different schools now, Bev has more places to be and things to do. Girl Scout leader still, she volunteers at school, plays tennis, belongs to a book club, a bunco club, and I’m not sure what else. Even with car pooling, it seems she is always in the car taking someone somewhere. But that’s good, because that’s when she has a chance to call us.

Selina is in eighth grade, taking geometry at the high school, excelling in her art program and in all her studies. She won seven special awards at the end of seventh grade. Girl Scout camp in the Sierras and volleyball were some additional activities this year.

Rico’s move to a school with more challenging programs has made him a more interested student. The accelerated classes challenge him enough to keep him engrossed. His interest in sports is still prime. He and his father are currently engaged in online fantasy football. Soccer, baseball and basketball keep him busy during non-school hours.


prk-oval.gifPaul and Robyn’s routine pretty much still centers around lively Keegan who started kindergarten this year. Where did the time go? Not much change in Paul’s routine. He still works way too many hours, leaving at the crack of dawn. Robyn teaches two classes at the community college. Their big event this year was taking Keegan to Disney World. They are also doing extensive house remodeling and were without a roof for several days this December in Michigan!




 That about wraps it up for our news of 2010. May the blessings of the Christ Child be yours, and may health and happiness be your companions in 2011.


                                      Joy and Ray