Home to the USA, 9-11 and friendship

We returned to the USA, picked up our motorhome, briefly visited with family and then headed north for the Oregon Coast and a week with friends in Coos Bay.  That is where we were when the terrible events of September 11 occurred.  The twelve of us stared at the news events as did the rest of the nation.  We were so fortunate to have been in the company of great friends when this happened.  We could easily have been in some remote place, knowing no one around us, and it was comforting to have friends nearby.

Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and holidays in California

Monica, Selina and Rico - Christmas 2001Following Coos Bay we stopped near Portland to visit some internet genealogy relatives, traveled through Idaho stopping to visit the capitol in Boise, and then another week of genealogy research in Salt Lake City.  A visit to Nevada was necessary to get the emissions test run on our now two-year-old motorhome.  Next we hurried to Arizona to celebrate birthdays with Ray’s brother and his mother.  After some square dancing in Mesa, we returned to California to spend the holidays with family and friends where we are now enjoying parties and visits with same.  We have time to spend with Selina and Rico while here, so we take full advantage of that.

As for the rest of the family, everyone is well.  Lloyd lives in Walnut Creek and still does some computer business, some cell phone business and some entertainment promotions.  He is busy going, going, going all the time  Mark moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento and is working for Lions Gate Hotel at the old McClellan Air Force Base.  His skydiving will be somewhat curtailed with the move for a while. 

Pam lives in Walnut Creek and keeps busy teaching 5th graders in Antioch. Gail also lives in Walnut Creek and is a pharmaceutical rep whose busy life makes me dizzy just to hear about it.  Granddaughter, Monica, is a high school freshman,  is Vice President of her class and plays on the frosh soccer team. 

Bev and Rick’s whirlwind lifestyle with two active children, a boatload of friends and activities, and extensive traveling leave us gasping for breath when we are around.  Selina at 4½ attends preschool and tumbling, and has “play dates” and parties with her round of friends.  Ten month old Rico smiles and flirts all the time.  He has six teeth, is walking a few feet at a time and climbs up on anything possible.  Needless to say he keeps his parents hopping. 

Paul is still working for Ford Motors in Dearborn, Michigan.  He was in New Orleans for Thanksgiving but is spending two weeks here at Christmas.  We hope to get to visit him next year.
That’s about it for our family news. 

We are obviously keeping busy with whatever we can.  We pray for the madness of the war to come to an end.   And remember, to reach us you may email me at mailto:rjlmpgbp1179@tennisonfamily.com  (an underline  between joy and tennison).  We wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year.
                                             Joy and Ray

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