Joy and Ray's 1998 activities 
Ray’s Roaming’s

Ray’s company opened an office in Walnut Creek this year, so he is no longer working at home (just when I finally got used to him being here).  His traveling has curtailed considerably.  His accounts were only in California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona, and now are limited to Northern California, Washington and Oregon.

Joy Ellen

I’m not quite sure what happened to this year, but I know I was busy.  I managed to work at the Walnut Creek law firm about one day a week to keep their library in order and spare change in my pocket.  I played bridge once a month, grandma-sat for Selina when Bev returned to teaching before her daycare was available. 

I worked on genealogy, planned trips, and created more Web Pages.  Our travel pages are proliferating on the Internet, and my genealogy pages have made lots of great contacts, even for some really elusive ancestors.

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