from the whole gang!
Lloyd spends long hours at his dry cleaners as all small business owners must do.  Being open to the public six days a week takes up a chunk of your time.  His computer business and some other business memberships take the remainder of his time.

Mark's hotel became a Radisson this past year, he continues in Catering Sales there near LAX.  His avocation of sky diving saw him making his 1000th jump this November with seven other sky divers.  It is a kind of celebratory thing they do at a milestone like 1000 jumps.  The same day he also did 1001 and 1002, of course.  A vacation at Club Med in Mexico brought back memories of his working for them over ten years ago!

Pam lives and works in Walnut Creek and is currently taking some computer classes to bring her up-to-speed on new developments.  She volunteers with a “battered women’s” shelter and would like to make that a change of career, if they could pay a salary.

Gail works with patients through a physical therapy registry and keeps very busy hopping from hospital to nursing home, etc.  She vacationed in the Southwest this summer enjoying sights in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  Monica’s agenda of activities and circle of friends keep Gail on the move quite a bit, too.

Bev and Rick had a busy year.  Aside from the obvious of a growing toddler, Rick formed a new business last January with three partners.  Happy to say things are going well for the fledgling firm.  A sharing teaching position was just too good for Bev to pass up in August, so she returned to work and now teaches two and three days in alternating weeks. They have done a lot of traveling this year - Boston, Florida, Hawaii, San Diego.

Paul has finished his thesis, and should by now have begun work at his new job with Ford Motors in Dearborn, Michigan.  He has been vacationing in Germany, so we are hoping he will let us know what his new address is. Update- he made it home safely, began work and will be home on Christmas Eve!

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