Selina, Ray and some Square Dancing
Selina in Santa outfit      December 1997
The big news of 1997 is Selina Sofia Guevara! Paul was our new baby in 1967, and Selina is our 1997 addition. Well, Bev and Rick's addition, that is.   She was born May 20 in Berkeley to Bev and Rick and is a real cutie. She is keeping her Mom and Dad quite busy and happy.   We are delighted with her. Monica was ten years old this year, and is already looking forward to baby-sitting.

Ray's business travels kept him on the move. as usual.  He was off to Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Texas or Ohio on a frequent, but irregular basis.  A February two-week management seminar in Houston cut out a square dance weekend we had planned.  He did manage to meet some friends for a long week-end in Northern Wisconsin for some R&R during May.

We square danced whenever and wherever we could--January in King City, March in Hollister, May in Monterey and Oakland, July in Watsonville, August in Denver, September in Plymouth, October in Grass Valley and most recently November in Napa.

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