Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Square Dancing, Theater, Gourmet, Pinochle, Bridge, 
and the Internet
Arrived home the day before a square dance weekend, so didn't have much time to recover from jet lag! Later in November took a quick trip to Phoenix for Selina and her Mom to visit her great-grandmother. Flew in from Phoenix in the morning and drove to Calistoga for our annual outing of an overnight dinner with friends there.

Social activities for us continued as usual with our pinochle group, our gourmet group, annual theater tickets and my bridge group. Activities aren't escalating greatly, but rather, continuing in a comfortable pattern. As friends retire and move, we anticipate future adjustments. We're even making some plans---just plans so far!

As for me, I finally got published-on the Net, that is! As I learned the Internet and browsed it more, I was fascinated with the communication possibilities and the ease of disseminating and retrieving information. Genealogy research prompted my first venture. I had been using the "bulletin boards" of pre Internet days and also Prodigy for several years. 

The Internet was the next logical step. So, I dove in and published a web page. Well, one page led to another, and soon I will have thirty linked pages with our European vacation complete and uploaded. It is really addictive. When Ray is on the road, I sit there and plod away until the wee hours. Monica has her own page, as does Selina

Many of the pages are genealogy based, and I plan to expand these by putting up more family photos (click on this link for the Reunion photo from June) and brief biographies of our ancestors. Have made a few great contacts, including a cousin who had research on an entire side of the family that I lacked. Like I said, it's addictive!  Sewing and handiwork sort of took a back seat, but I'm regrouping on these.

So, if you are wired and just haven't let me know yet, e-mail me at:   Or you can click on either of these to drop me a line now.  (Note the underline between Joy and Tennison.) 

Our web page URL is:  Come on over and see us. There are links to all our other pages from here.

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