from the whole gang! 
Lloyd continues operating his computer business, his dry cleaners and his work on his condominium board and chamber of commerce. His business once again is sponsoring a charitable drive for the holidays.

Mark is Director of Catering at the Red Lion near LAX. He continues to skydive and participated in two world records, was captain of a 20-way team that placed 9th in the US Nationals. He traveled to Alabama for a visit and to skydive this past summer.

Pam lives and works in Walnut Creek. She traveled to Colorado for some skiing and otherwise keeps busy with a variety of work and activities.

Gail is working with a registry in physical therapy. She gets to pick and choose her hours and doesn't have to bring charts and work home at night-a big change from previous positions. Right now she is entertaining the new friend we made during our visit to Belgium. Being the single mom of an active ten-year old keeps her hopping, too.

Monica is an active ten year old in the fifth grade with all it's accompanying activities. She attended fifth grade camp with her class. This summer she enjoyed day camp, tennis camp and soccer league. She also went on a plane by herself to visit Uncle Paul in Wisconsin. They went to Chicago and visited the places where her Mom and aunts and uncles grew up -- the Museum of Science and Industry was a favorite of hers, too! Going out in Uncle Paul's boat was fun also!

Bev and Rick have had a busy year. Selina Sofia was born May 20, 1997 in Berkeley. She is a delight! She was christened in June with Rick's family coming here from all parts of the country, and Paul and Mark from their locations. Selina has since taken her parents with her to visit Florida, San Diego and Phoenix. She is taking them again to San Diego after Christmas.

Paul is working on his Master's in Madison. He made a trip to Milan, Italy to the Fiat plant there to learn about their motor, which is his Master's project. He created his own diversion this summer when he purchased a boat so he could water ski and "kneeboard" this summer. He played Uncle when Monica came to visit him in August. He is heading home to California on the 21st.

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