Gail and Joy Traipse across Europe 

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Gail and I departed in October for Europe and left the worries of everyday life behind in order to pursue the wonders of Italy, France and Belgium. We flew to Milan and did some sightseeing there. Then it was on to Venice, which we both loved. Six days in Rome should be enough, but of course isn't when you spend one day going to Pompeii. But, I wouldn't have missed that for the world. I have been fascinated with Pompeii since grammar school when I read a novel about a little girl who lived there. This was my first opportunity to visit it, and I enjoyed every detail.

After Rome we visited Florence and Pisa. I felt like we were making a movie about a 19th century character doing the "Grand Tour." It was great! From Florence we took the overnight train to Paris! Five days there were wonderful. We took the Metro everywhere. Gail whipped out her little Metro map and navigated the maze of tunnels and stairs and escalators like a pro! Paris is always my favorite place to visit, and this time was no exception.

From Paris we went to Belgium to wind down. We visited with a friend there just outside Liege, toured some local chateaux, went to Bruges and Brussels and then headed home to reality.
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